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Wentworth per Yes Television

Nella sua recente visita in Israele Wentworth ha girato uno spot commerciale per la tv satellitare Yes.

Guarda lo spot su Dailymotion

Scaricalo da sendspace

Grazie a Soraya&Dinamite from FCoWM

Ecco alcune interviste svedesi, aspettando quelle della stampa italiana:

Fonte foto: WMUnderground. Heads up: Saska

1) Grazie a JenJen e Monk  

Now Miller wants to get out of prison
The Prison Break-star yearns for new parts
Through Prison Break Wentworth Miller has gone from student to superstar
but still there is only a few persons that really knows something about him.
Aftonbladet has met the most secretly sexsymbol in Hollywood.

Wentworth Miller, 35 is the smart Hollywoodhunk, he has a degree in english litterature from the high prestige Princeton-university in New Jersey, and when we ask him what he knows about Sweden he says:
-I have been discussing the high level of immigrants from Irak with people here, what it means for society and how Sweden is changing.

Dont prefer to swarm
But Wentworth is also the secretly hunk
Its not common that he talks about himself as a private person and he is rarely seen in the glamour of Hollywood
Around the american girl-favourite it has also for a long time been a lot of persistent rumours about him being homosexual, something he has denied. When Aftonbladet meets him he explains why:
Celebrities that is busy with selling out their private lifes are only looking for attention or wants people to buy tickets to their latest movie. Or they believe that their careers isnt worth anything and they talk about their divorces or miscarriages instead.
– I have never been interested in the “Hollywood-life”. That was not the reason why I started with this, and the people that only looks for the glamour and celebrityness is probably out on thin ice, he says.
Is that why you are so concealed with your private life?
-I never talk about that, some things is not everyone´s business I think: politics, religion, who I sleep with, familybusiness…
Wentworth Miller calls the success-serie “Prison Break” the best thing that has ever happened to him and his carrier – but, in comparance to his colleagues that has not yet given him any parts in movies.
-People seems to think that I dont get any offers. I do, but in those offers I have either been to prison or is supposed to. Or I carry weapons, have a tattoo, makes origami or are part of a conspiracy.

Start over from the beginning
-Thats the dangerous thing with being in a tv-serie to long, people starts to look at you as the character you play in there. I think I have lots of sides in me that I havent been able to show yet.
Do you know what you wanna do after Prison Break?
-Something completely different. It will be like starting over from the beginning, you have to re-build you credibility as an actor again.
– I rather prefer to do a movie with a scene with Philip Seymour Hoffman than “Prison Break – The musical” he says and laughs.
This is Wentworth Millers first visit in Sweden. When Aftonbladet meets him at Berns hotel in Stockhom he is irreproachable dressed in a shirt and a tie. Around his left wrist he carries a red bracelet that could be the classic kabbala-bracelet that a lot of his colleagues in Hollywood has been seen wearing.

Last season
Tonight the other part of season 3 is beginning in TV3.
And it is also decided that there will be a fourth season – that according to the leadrole-character could be the last one
-I have heard rumours that it might be so. I get the sense that this is the end now. [spoiler s4]Michael cant go in and out of prison so many more times now. And I dont think there is any happy end, [/spoiler] however you might do it, says Wentworth.

2) Grazie a Mink from FCoWM and Emmy from Excommunicated

Wentworth Miller – private and hot.

The “Prison Break” star does not care about his looks, he tells “Ekstra bladet” in an interview.

He is as sweet, delicious and charming in real life as he is in Prison Break. Now there, that’s said!

Or more correctly, he is even more handsome, sweet, delicious and charming in real life.

His eyes are so intense and green that when he looks at you, you forget everything around you.

Good luck that I remembered the dictaphone, because there was not a word on my pad after I met the world’s sexiest man at a hotel in Stockholm. When Wentworth Miller looks at you, you don’t look away, you enjoy every second and hope that it will last forever.

He is careless about the fact that he is hot. In fact, he thinks it is a bit uninteresting.

“I don’t care about my looks,” says the actor.

And that is easy to say with that face.

He tells me that he does care so little about what he wears that he has to call Mr. Armani, as he calls Giorgio, when his wardrobe has to be renewed.

A smell of “Bamseline”

It is very hard to believe that it is true, because he looks nice as he sits there on the brown sofa, dressed in blue clothes.

There is nothing to say about his outfit, except his tie, that looks a bit rumpled.

But what does that matter, when he is so clean that he probably will smell like “Bamseline” if you smell his neck.

But that would have been inappropriate. I ask him instead why he absolutely has to be as private in real life as his character in Prison Break.

“It is only actors that cannot do anything who talk away about their private life. I did not become an actor because I wanted to be famous. I became an actor because I like acting,” says the Bamseline-boy, and he becomes suddenly philosophical:

“I want to give you the entire frame, but I keep the painting for myself,” he says with a cunning smile, spiced with his famous sexy and deep stare, that makes you wonder if he really is as deep as he is pretty.

Single or gay

It is probably a lot of female readers who hope to find the answer as to whether prince charming is single or gay, as a lot of evil rumours claim, or worse, none of them.

But Miller refuses to answer, and his smile suddenly becomes serious.

“There are a few things that are not meant for public discussion, and that is one of them,” he says with his deep voice.

In return he claims that he has never been more happy, but as to if that is due to love, we can only speculate.

“How can I be anything other than happy when I get to do what I love the most?”

How was he?

On homepages all over the world, the name Wentworth Miller is listed next to the words ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’, so he has to know that he is that.

But I have my doubts. How can he be so successful and pretty without that going to his head?

Miller takes his time to greet every single of the seven – exclusively female – journalists who are present in the small hotelroom in Stockholm.

He stares deep into our eyes, and repeats our names in his deep, masculine voice. And when I, in confusion over the man’s presence, shake his hand one more time, he takes it and says, “We can greet each other again,” with a small smile.

During the entire interview the 185 cm high man maintains my gaze, and answers quitely and carefully all the questions that are not too private, and he takes time to take a photo with every single journalist.

And did I say that he was pretty?

3) Now Wentworth will play an axe murderer

Wentworth Miller, 35, will play a serial killer, but is still enjoying the role as Michael in “Prison Break”.

“The funniest actor I have worked with is Peter Stormare,” he says when “Metro” meets him.

Wentworth Miller is often described as a sexy Hollywood hunk that has tons of fans running after him. The star himself tries to stand with both feet on the ground.

“My parents are teachers and in the beginning they did not understand what I was doing. The only thing my mother knew was that I was unemployed and that I didn’t get out of bed before after lunch,” he tells me.

Wentworth was born in England, but grew up in the USA with his family. They are now proud of their son, even if he has to call and warn his mother before some episodes.

“She doesn’t like watching when it seems like I am in pain,” he says.

Wentworth’s mom is not the only one who weekly watches the TV show about Michael, who is in prison to break out his brother. “Prison Break” has captured fans all over the world for over two years, and pressure around Wentworth is big.

The rumours that he has been dating his male actor colleague Luke McFarlane and his friend Amie Bice are well known, but Wentworth will not speak about his love life.

“It is private. I try not to bother about fake interviews.”

Do they exist?

“Yes, they do. I have read about two dozen, but I don’t have the energy to do something about it. Mostly, I feel sorry for my fans.”

The fourth season of the TV show starts this fall. Wentworth remembers the first season.

“It was thanks to Peter Stormare that we had a fun time. He had a lot of practical jokes,” he tells me.

But Wentworth dreams of doing other roles.

“I want to do a ‘The Shining’ and be allowed to run around with an axe and be evil.”

Infine come cigliegina sulla torta ecco alcune foto HQ della visita di Wentworh a Parigi… QUI. Grazie a Soraya. 😉



  1. Farà la aprte del serial killer???questa ci giunge nuova o sbaglio???
    nn vedo l’ora di scoprire di cosa si tratta!!!

  2. Ma é fantastico in quello spot!!!
    Quando dice “YES” ha uno sguardoooo!!!!!!
    Le foto di HQ non le vedo =(

  3. Wow! Eh sì quello sguardo mentre dice yes ti uccide! … 😀

  4. mannaggia wentuccio quanto sei bello!
    sto yes ti uccide

    valeria però dicci
    com’é dal vivo…………. 😉

  5. Ho letto questo pomeriggio questa intervista qualche giorno fa`… c’e un malinteso, lui ha detto che vorebbe fare un ruolo simile a “Shining”…

    Per le foto dallo spot in Israele (che mi ricorda quello come quello in Australia del dicembre 2006), su Excomunicated potrette trovare i screencaps…

    Comunque, vorrei ringraziare le ragazze del blog, leggere il mio nick sotto la foto mi ha fatto emozionare… :mrgreen:

  6. Giuli, meglio che non le chiedi come era, perche` rischia un colasso…

  7. hahahahaaa
    ma io voglio sapere tutttooooo

  8. Ma, forse ha visuto un baccio cosi (preso da FCOWM) e non c’e lo vuole dire…

  9. Di nuovo io, per tutte e specialmente per Cristina Miller…

    Le mani, le mani, le mani, le mani, le mani…

  10. Ho visto la foto del bacio..ahhhhhhh e le maniiiiiii………………

  11. E’ stato un bellissimo spot…
    Verso alla fine ha fatto uno semi sorriso, mi ha fatto morire….sbav. ;-p

  12. bellissimo… quel sorriso e quello sguardo alla fine mi fanno imapazzire!!!

  13. le mani le mani le mani …. le maniiii

    ecco delirio puro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wentuccio ti ho perso a milano ma giuro che prima o poi ti SCOvO! hahahaha

  14. @ Saska:grazieeee!!!!!oddìo quelle mani….ancora me le sento addosso…nn ci posso pensare!!!

    @giuli miller: che ti posso dire?certo x lui ormai si tratta di convenevoli baciare le fans,ma cmq nn si limita…ti bacia proprio….se puoi alla prossima nn fartelo scappare,ne vale davvero la pena!!!!!

  15. Cristina, che rivelazioni… be, dobbiamo fare qualcosa per catutare quel tipone…

    Per le mani… be, non solo le mani, lui tutto intero fa paura tantissimo per quanto sia bello…

  16. questo spot fa solo ridere…ma chi è la tipa? mamma mia, mi ha ricodato 1 personaggio della III stagione…eheh
    x fortuna c’è wentino con quel YES che ti fa ritornare seria.
    seria? vabbè diciamo così va 😉

  17. La tipa e` stato prima un tipo, cioe` ha cambiato il sesso ed e` diventata lei… una specie di cantante che ha vinto Eurovisione Song contest nel 1998 o 1999, so che e` nei fine novanta…

  18. si diciamo che è tipo Luxuria, solo che non si è ancora data alla politica! 😉

  19. @balumina: la tipa si kiama Dana International(già il nome!!!!!)ma come si kiamava da uomo nn me lo ricordo,cmq lo trovi su Excommunicated e dovrebbe essere tipo una cantante

    @saskada oggi in poi sarai la mia hacker delle mani di Went di fiducia….attendo altre foto…x sbavarci sù!!!!!!

  20. Cristina, ma e` un onnore per me…

    Ma ti avverto – non mi prendero` delle responsabilita` se avrai un collasso, o delle botte neuronali e non so come si chiamano quei attachi… prenditi prima di vedere le foto delle mani, un Actiwent, ma modera le dosi…

  21. Riguardo DANA Internazional – ma… Went sapeva chi e` lui/lei? Cioe`, non aveva paura? :mrgreen:

  22. @ Saska: l’ actiwent!!!!!!!!ma come te le inventi???
    troppo carina!!!
    oddìo..già riskio l’infarto così,figuriamoci se prendo un actiwent!!!! sono già troppo active….
    i miei neuroni ormai creano solo sinapsi nei confronti di parole come:Went,Miller,mani,Prison break,foto di Went,starbucks….
    per quanto riguarda Dana…tanto stava dietro le sbarre!!!!!

  23. Cristina, tu sei in pieno delirio… tu sofri di Wentite acuto cronica, con troppi sbalzi positivi di umore, specialmente che sono fatti dalle mani di Went…

  24. @Saska:hai ragione!!! non voglio essere curata…
    ora ho proprio bisogno di un actiwent!!!!sono in astinenza!!!
    p.s.:xkè non ti iscrivi al forum??così deliriamo insieme anke lì???

  25. a quel altro forum? Non so, forse potrei…

  26. @ giuli miller: Ciaooo!!! Quanto tempo!…
    eh sì ha ragione saska…a raccontarlo rischio un collasso!!…comunque dal vivo è ancora + bello! eh sì…sembra impossibile…+ bello di così?? 😀

  27. ciao vale
    cioè ho letto il tuo racconto! mamma mia che avventura!!!! e poi non hai idea che invidiaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahaha
    ma sai che stai benissimo vicino a lui? :mrgreen:
    sia tu che sara siete bellissime

  28. ke ridere il video..oh yeeeesssssssss!!!!

  29. valeria, noi tutte ti invidiamo e non solo te, ma anche le altre… buaaaaaaaaaaaa, sto piangendo…

  30. @ giulie: grazie! 😀
    @ saska: nooo!!! non piangere!!!

  31. Valeria, mi sto mettendo un velo pietoso… manco riusciro` a venire in Italia…

  32. come no?? perchè?

  33. Be, avevo qualche possibilita` di venire in Italia, per un corso cioe` un workshop su turismo, tramite la mia facolta`, con un gruppo di coleghi e professori e poi per far a loro la tradutrice…

    Purtroppo, di recente c’era un problema – visto che Montenegro di recente ha delle agevolazioni nei visti con i stati europei (non tutti per ora), per alcuni era la possibilita` di fare furbi… ambasciata italiana ha notato che molti che hanno ricevuto il visto, non sono proprio andati in Italia, ma in altri paesi europei… cosi` grazie alla colaborazione della polizia montenegrina queste persone sono state o arrestate o messe a domicilio o condanate per pagare delle multe salatissime ecc. Poi, queste persone hanno ragiarato ambasciata italiana presentandossi come se fossero dei impiegati delle agenzie turistiche.

    Per colpa di loro, per ora non e` possibile avere dei visti, nemmeno per i gruppi organizati da parte delle scuole, facolta`, compagnie… si puo avere il visto ma no per la data quando ti serve veramente… per non dire che ora per avere il visto italiano sara` ancora piu complicato (gia` l era prima).


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