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Extras sul set della quarta stagione

Lydia, ieri e l’altro ieri è stata sul set di Prison Break quarta stagione per una piccola parte in alcune scene. Ovviamente ha potuto incontrare Wentworth e tutto (o quasi) il cast di PB!

Ecco qui le foto scattate sul set nei giorni scorsi da Lydia.



Di seguito i due post da blog di Lydia, che ci racconta un po’ la vita sul set.

Monday, June 02, 2008
Ms. Blanco? Right This Way…

That’s how my day started today. 🙂 And as I got out of my car while the valet took it to park it for me, I made my way to my trailer. (I wish every morning started this way!) I quickly got into costume and headed to the make up and hair trailer. I walk in and see Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) ( I was so excited but I had to contain myself and act professional. But let me tell you how surreal it was just to be so close to a character that you watch every single week! (Have I mentioned that I love this show???) Then I see Sucre (SO cute!) and I meet Bellick (SO nice!)
I did my scene with Sarah, which was AWESOME! I felt like I crawled inside my tv set! Then in the afternoon I had my scene with Mahone and Bellick! It really doesn’t get any better than this! Both guys were awesome to work with and so friendly! The scene consisted of Bellick snatching my purse from me while I wait at a bus stop and Mahone “chasing him down” even though he’s in on the whole thing. We did a few takes and I ended up with a few bruises. But they were from Bellick, so I didn’t mind sporting battle wounds from the scene! I wore them proudly! haha
My day ended and I was on cloud nine! Today was really awesome. Tomorrow I see that my day starts off with me working with both Michael and Lincoln Scofield!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008
The Best Day EVER!!!

I can’t believe just how pretty these two boys are! And tall!
As soon as I see them, I can’t really speak. My breath was gone. We were all in the make up and hair trailer and Michael Scofield walks in. Ok, ok, his real name is Wentworth Miller, but I know him as Michael Scofield! 🙂 His birthday was yesterday and he was talking about how Wolfgang Puck made him a cake! wow! He sees me sitting in the chair getting ready for my make up to be done and he introduces himself and shakes my hand! So sweet! 🙂 Then Lincoln Burrows walks in (Dominic Purcell). Wow, he has this very strong presence. And personality. He decides he needs to shave, so he takes off his shirt and proceeds to do so. And that’s when I fell in love! heehee Perfection! 🙂
We get ready to head to set and that’s where we formally meet. We chat about his experience living in Dallas for the past two seasons and how he would fly to LA EVERY WEEKEND to see his kids. Then the driver gets a call on her walkie telling her to turn around and take us back to base camp. Because of the overcast weather, they decided to shift things around and shoot a few scenes before ours. That did NOT make Dominic happy since this was the only scene he was scheduled to shoot today. And if they push it back, he would have to wait hours in his trailer before he got to work. He ended up leaving and returning to set later in the morning.
We finally headed over to the set, which is this incredibly gorgeous mansion. It happened to be right across the street from Muhammad Ali’s former house. We shot Michael and Linc spying on my character with binoculars and their side of our phone call. I had to stand next to camera and give him my lines. That was the extent of all three of us working together. Then I shot my part inside the house on that phone call and leaving the house at the end of the day. And then that was it.
I was done. 😦
I was scheduled to work tomorrow but since they shot everything today and yesterday, I’m done early. Which is a bummer, because I would’ve loved ONE more day on set! Man, it was hard to leave today. I wish I could work with these people everyday! And not just the actors…the whole crew was awesome! Two days and it felt like home!
It really doesn’t get better than this. I was trying to think if there was another show that I would be this excited to work on….and the answer is NO WAY. This was it for me! I guess booking Grey’s Anatomy would get me really excited too! Ok, good…something to look forward to! 🙂



  1. che gran culo!!!!!!!!! beata lei….ahahah!! 🙂

  2. Grande Lydia!!!!
    adesso vogliamo più particolari però…

  3. Ma chi è?!?! o_____O
    Come ha fatto a partecipare al set?? O_O
    Oddio che FORTUNA!!!!! =(

  4. Voglio cambiare lavoro!!!pulirei anche i bagni pur di stare sul set con loro……… saska dove sei?è tempo che non ti vedo…

  5. @sara:la ragazza si chiama Lydia Blanco,è del “giro”,nel senso che ha già partecipato a telefilm come C.S.I. come “extra”.Ha avuto questa particina in PB x 3 giorni…ce ne fossero come lei,avremmo più scoop!!!

    @millerina:Saska si è presa un periodo di riflessione….

  6. Si davvero… oddio io darei tutto per poter avere una particina in Prison Break =,((
    Lydia è proprio STRA-fortunatissima, beata leiii!!!!

  7. Come si fa a incontarre gli attori di PB??
    How do I meet actors on the set?
    It would a dreamto know personally all actors, specially Went & Sara!
    Attending reply.

  8. Piacerebbe a tutti…..

  9. Fortunata lei……


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